Professional Hungarian dentists are renowned all over
the world for their qualityservices and reasonable prices.

Budapest where history meets modern age technology.

World famous spas and spring water.

Easy transfer by air, train, car, coach and even by boat.

Friendly, welcoming, happy nation.

If you need an evidence check our prices.

Welcome to your Dental Vacation!

We believe that quality dental care should be affordable to all. If your tooth is in pain, you automatically think of the same old story. Even if you have an appointment, waiting in the lobby of the dental clinic, hearing the screaming voice of the driller is horrible. You imagine a service somewhere else where you don’t have to wait, don’t need to pay lots of cash for the intervention and maybe see new and exciting attractions.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE PROVIDE. With us, you only have to make an appointment, catch a plane to Budapest and enjoy the ride. You will be picked up at the Airport by one of our drivers, take straight into the hotel where you can rest yourself after arriving. At the time of your appointment, you meet our specialists in one of Hungary’s most advanced dental clinic and be treated by using state of the art techniques and methods. After the intervention, you have time to relax and heal yourself while enjoying the beauty and charm of the historic centre of Budapest and our famous thermal water. During your stay, you will be served with a special meal to fit your needs. You don’t have to worry about language difficulties also because all of our employees speak English. In case you don’t, we provide you the necessary translator. With all the services and wonderful experiences that you will enjoy, you save on the whole trip compare your local dental clinics. That is our promise. Come and heal with Us!


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Our company will help you to find the best transportation available from your home to Budapest, Hungary and our driver will take care of the rest here.


Four-star Adina Hotel Budapest will provide a relaxing environment during your stay in the beautifuk city fo Budapest.


Our offer contains your full catering at the best restaurant in the 13th district while you are staying in Budapest.

Dental care

As on of the best dentistries, Pika Dental employs expreienced dentists and will take great care of yout teeth. Located just few minutes walk from the hotel.

  • high-quality materials
  • professional staff
  • the highest standards in tools and  applied technology
  • 1-5 years guarantee for dental  restorations/treatment

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